Why Loan Waivers are a mess

Video Description

The life of Indian farmers have always been challenging because of the many hardships they face. Some of them being depleting water table levels, bad monsoon and bad soil quality. Most of them run into life consuming debts because of unfavourable life situations. While they run to the government to solve their issues, all the governments come up with only one solution to this: Loan Waivers! But the basic question is whether the loan waivers add up to the better lives of the farmers. Sadly the answers remain, NO! This is because most of the money from the loan waiver scheme is spent by farmers on non-farming purposes. Waivers also exclude loans for agricultural laborers who don’t own lands and are poorer. Loan waivers are also bad for banks and governments. In the year 2016, the government has waived off loans amounting to 36,000 crore rupees. This accounts to the state’s 44% of expenditure of agriculture and irrigation. In Spite of all this the reason for the government is that the loan waivers are easy to do and it can help them win elections but this needs to be taken seriously and more need to be done mainly because there have been suicides by 12,000 farmers in the country after 2013.

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