Why crores are wasted on River Ganga

Video Description

Our mythologies have given a very special place to the river Ganga/Ganges. Ganga is said to wash all the sins away. But to quote reality, the river seems to have become tired washing people’s sins away and is now unexplainably dirty. It is so dirty that a dip in this river in certain areas is now injurious to our health. Alike many major issues, the reason here is also us who cause pollution to the river. The main problem is because of sewage. Untreated sewage is directly let into the river and the percentage has increased exponentially over the years. Though the government has allocated a huge budget in cleaning this holy river, this doesn’t seem solvable. Bihar and West Bengal are the most polluting states of the river Ganga. This is one of the biggest environmental crisis in India which affects millions of people living alongside the ancient river.

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