Why Boys Are Scared Of Rakshabandhan!

Video Description

Rakshabandhan is one of the most celebrated and loved festivals of the country. It is celebrated amongst families and relationships honoring all the brother and sister relationships. The girl ties a Rakhi, a thread that is said to be tied by the sister with a thought that she respects her brother and hopes he will protect her under all circumstances. The brother offers gifts to his sister in return. It is one of the very beautiful moments when people celebrate this as this festival highlights the importance of the soulful relationship between brothers and sisters. Although this is a very sweet thing, boys are terrified of this festival and here’s why! This festival also helps girls tie Rakhi to their stalkers and every guy who has romantic ideas on their minds and make them their brothers. Thus boys hide, run away and stay absent from places they think their crushes might try tying Rakhi to them. This fear of boys only highlights the significance of the festival and how seriously it is viewed in our country.

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