Where Lord Shiva Absorbed In Austerity

Video Description

With so many temples to go around and various amazing historic values behind most, one of the other amazing temples of our country is a Temple of Lord Shiva which is situated around 52 kms from Nainital. This also happens to be an excellent tourist destination. Known by the famous name Mukteshwar Mahadev temple has devotees from all over the country visiting the country throughout the year. The temple is usually crowded but the most visits for the temple happens during the Mahashivratri during when a huge fair is organised for the people who pay their visit. Just 500m from the entrance of the Mukteshwar temple is a place Chauli Ki Jali which is full of rocks and beautiful scenery. Also known for a special rock hole through which people go through on Shivratri, this is a must visit place for not only pilgrims but also tourists. Because of being surrounded by nothing but only a big, pointy rock, this is also called a Suicide point which provides a breathtaking view of the 40kms area around this place from the top. There are various fun activities like rope climbing, ziplines and paragliding available there which attracts a lot of tourists and locals. The cold breeze, the amazing scenery, the wonderful location, the extremely good weather and the height are some great factors that make Mukteshwar Temple and Chauli Ki Jali an unforgettable and adventurous tourist spot for everyone who travel to that place.

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