Watch Kerala getting ready for its 400-year-old Snake Boat Race -

Video Description

Vallam Kali, popularly known as Snake boat race is a form of a canoe race in Kerala. The boat race is one of the major tourist's attraction. Snake boats get their name from the shape of the canoe. Traditionally the boats were used as war boats in Kerela. The boats are 100 to 120 feet long having the capacity to hold up to 100 rowers and 4 navigators. The subtleties of the design are difficult to pick up on as every village has its own design. The races are held in between July to September, during the time of Onam. The 10-day festivities include four main races and around 15 minor races. The four main events are – Nehru Trophy held on Punnamda Lake in Allepy, the oldest race Champakkulam Moolam is held at Champakkulam, the Payippad Jalotsavvm is on Payippad Lake and the Aranmula Boat Race is held on Pampa River. The Nehru Trophy is a commercial event. In 1952, when Pandit Nehru visited Allepy, an honorary boat race was held for him. Impressed by the race he donated a trophy and ever since then the race has continued to take place. Traditionally the boat races are a part of customs and rituals. The Aranmula Boat race has traditionally dressed rowers, holding pretty parasols accompanied by a group of singers. The race is held on the day Lord Krishna crossed the Pampa river. There are homestay accommodations in Allepy if you want to experience the traditional culture. There are also hotel accommodations options around the Allepy. The Kerela backwaters have houseboats. You can prebook a houseboat and have an out of the world experience. You can also enjoy the delicious Kerela cuisine.

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