Tunnel-33, shimla!

Video Description

There is a particular place in Shimla that provides you a complete chilling experience not only because of its amazing weather but also because of one of India’s most famous haunted places. There is always attention and craze towards a haunted place or historic location. Tunnel 33 in Shimla comes under both clauses. Story of Tunnel 33: There are many tunnels on the rail route of Kalka - Shimla. One of the most special and scary tunnel routes on this rail is the Tunnel 33. This was built in the 20th century during the British rule. This place was built by Colonel Barog who was the engineer behind its construction. He took charge of building the tunnel. But since he failed to meet deadlines, he went into depression and following activities lead to make Tunnel 33, a haunted one. Haunting Experience: The engineer, who failed to complete his work before the deadline, went into depression because of that. He also committed suicide right in front of the tunnel, by shooting himself. From then, this place was said to be haunted by him. Locals over the area tell that they spot his soul wandering around and threatening everyone who goes around this place in solitude. Such eerie experiences gave Tunnel 33, a very haunted history and a dark outlook.

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