Top 3 eateries in Indore!

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Top 3 eateries in Indoor Everyone in this world crave for food. Each one's taste buds are different. Food is the first love for many be it desserts or savoury. 1. Freito : This is a French-themed, Paris-inspired roof-top café which aims to provide the ecstatic "FRENCH" feeling !! The food, service and atmosphere all come together to create that 'Paris' experience. As FREITO says, it "is a mixology of few table-spoons of romantic ambience, a cup of fresh air, small quantity of beautifully sautéed lights and lamps, grease of Paris, carved with classical French arrangement, combined with the main ingredient i.e. Eiffel Tower stirred well in INDORE". out some French-cuisine inspired dishes here such as the 'Lemon Marinated Grilled Vegetables', 'Home-made Chicken Roulade', 'Pan Seared Chicken with Mushroom Pilaf', 'Salade Niçoise', Ratatouille, Ouefs (French for eggs & omelettes), French Onion Potage (soup), or the European pizzas and bruschettas, or the closer-home Asian dishes such as 'Teriyaki & Hot Garllic Rice' and 'Green Thai Curry with Rice' and more. 2. Cream Stone : Cream Stone is a popular ice-cream parlour, known for its innovative ‘concept’ ice creams that appeal to people of all ages. Here, the ice-cream is hand-mixed and mashed with toppings on a frozen ‘cold stone’, thus giving it multiple flavour and texture combinations that you wouldn’t get in a scoop of regular ice-cream. Some of the best ice creams you should try here are , La ferrero, Willy Wonka and Mr.Alphonso. 3. Shreemaya Celebrations : If the oven fresh aroma of delicious bakes makes your mouth water, walk into Shreemaya Celebration. This outlet has a legion of fans! Start the day in the best way with a breakfast here. The brightly-lit spacious dine-in is the perfect place to be at; on a rainy morning. Try a steaming hot soup along with some tasty sandwiches here. Go traditional with crisp samosas and kachoris and dig into the buttery tangy pav bhaji. Beat the heat with a cool glass of lassi or fruit juice. Bring the little ones here and watch them enjoy their favorite flavor of ice-cream. The Indian platters and the sizzlers served here makes an eclectic combination for a scrumptious lunch. With recipes ranging from the best of chaats, North Indian and South Indian snacks, there is always plenty to savor when you are here.

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