This is How They Supply Water in The Mountains!

Video Description

Ever wondered how people living in Mountain areas get water supply? This video has some interesting details about them. Firstly, there are various hill stations in India that houses a huge population. Mountains not only have scenic beauty, breathtaking view points, gardens and treks, they also have a large number of people residing there, depending on its resources. It comes as an interesting topic to see how our government handles all its resources to promise a fulfilled lifestyle to people living on mountains. Usually the water supply to people living in the mountains is by the rivers and melting glaciers. The water from a nearby river is stored in tanks and is taken uphill from there through powerful motors which runs through the mountain areas. Another means is by supplying water to the house with the help of a large tank that collects water flowing through the mountains from rain and melting glaciers. This also has a creamy layer to it. During the months of July and August in India when the country is facing drought due to summer, the water in these areas would be full of freshness and chilly.

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