The Captain Who Won The First World Cup

Video Description

India’s win at the 1983 World Cup turned the eyes of the World towards us in the field of Cricket. The cricket world cup that year sure became one of the reasons why Indians worship the sport and love it. India and Cricket have a close relationship and bonding which was strengthened by our victory on the 1983 world cup. The credit surely goes to the cricket team of that particular tournament who put their heart and soul into emerging successful. The man who led the team sure deserves a good credit for his undying spirit and unshakable determination in making India’s mark in the cricket world. Kapil Dev, a young man hailing from Punjab created history that day. The picture of Kapil Dev holding the World Cup became so popular. It is safe to say the image of Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup trophy at the Lord's balcony changed the dynamics of world cricket. It inspired a million, including the greatest batsman to have ever graced planet Earth.

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