The streets of Indore are calling you....

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Indore, known as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. The largest and most densely populated city in central India, the city is popular for its history, monuments, food and bazaars. Rajwada Palace Rajwada Palace is one of the beautiful attractions in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Also known as the Holkar Palace, the palace was built around 2 centuries ago by the Holkars belonging to the Maratha dynasty. The palace is one of the oldest structures of Indore. Rajwada palace faces a well-maintained garden that has a statue of Queen Ahilya Bai, fountains and an artificial waterfall. Now, the place hosts classical music concerts and art exhibitions. Gopal Mandir Gopal Mandir, the temple of Lord Krishna, located in the Rajwada region of Indore city, is the city's one of the most sacred place. Idol of the Lord Krishna in the sanctum portrays his infant form, which sometimes is also referred as Baal Gopal (In Hindi, Baal also means newborn). Stationed right to the main gate of Rajwada Palace, it was built by the royal family of the Holkars. Gopal Mandir is a marble-winding structure worked in Maratha style of design. Sarafa Bazar The flavours of Indore’s diverse kitchens mingle madly at the legendary Sarafa Bazaar, which comes to life at 8 pm, when the jewellery market behind the Rajwada Palace, a crumbling remnant of the Holkar dynasty, closes down. Though no one is sure about the origin of this bazaar, it is believed that it started some 100 years ago and was encouraged by jewellery shop owners so the noise and bustle would secure their own shops at night. With this in mind, they willingly started offering space in front of their shops to food vendors and, thus, Sarafa Bazar came into existence. Today, when most of Indore is asleep, this late night market gets nearly 3000 visitors, both locals and tourists. About 50 different dishes are available at Sarafa Bazaar like, Poha Jalebi, Sabudhana Khichdi, Malpua, Egg Benjo, Jaleba, and many more.

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