The Spookiest Place of Kerala

Video Description

A pond is in the middle of the 450-acre Karyavattom campus of Kerala University in Thiruvananthapuram is filled with horror stories and tales surrounding a woman who is said to haunt the areas around the pond. Hymavathy was a woman who killed herself by committing suicide as she lost the man of her love who was killed and dunk in the pond for loving a woman of higher caste. The angry Hymavathy is said to have killed all her family members one by one as revenge after her death. Even now buried bodies, entangled skeletons are found around the pond and it still scares the life out of everyone who lives in the areas around. The locals believe that Hymavathy still lingers and seeks revenge out on people. This eerie story has cast everyone away from the pond and its surroundings and no one goes near them. But whatever is said and done, the negative energy vibe we get from the pond is undeniable.

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