Wanderer singer touches hearts

Video Description

What if you know nothing to do but sing, what if your own family doesn’t take care of you, what if you end up thriving purely on talent and your daily life is dependent on kind strangers, will you still do what you do best? I doubt so. But there is one woman in India who went viral in our country for all the right reasons. After a video of a woman singing a Lata Mangeshkar song became so popular and widespread on social media, the nation came to know of this old woman Ranu Maria Mondal. The woman who is in her 60s is staying alone in a dirty environment in Ranaghat district. She is all by herself as her 2 sons and 2 daughters do not take care of her. She usually sings outside the church and the railway station of the city. She has lived so far at the mercy of the passengers of the station who usually travel via that route. The youngsters and the neighbours of the area in Ranaghat are requesting the government to take care of her in her older age.

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