Lord Venkateshwara solemnized his marriage here

Video Description

Lord Venkateshwara solemnized his marriage here: Tirupati attracts highest number of pilgrims in India, undeniably. It has tourists from various parts of the world and the country visiting the temple to get their blessings from the mighty Tirumala God. There is one another famous and historic temple near Tirupati which is not widely known but is much celebrated because of its tales and spiritual values. This temple is located in the village where Lord Venakteshwara solemnized his marriage with Padmavati. Everyone who embarks upon a pilgrimage journey to Tirupati and nearby temples must visit this temple. Situated 40kms away from Tirupati, Narayanavanam is a historic spot of high heritage value that was once a prime location. It is situated in the river valley of Arani. The human incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, Padmavati was brought up near this place. Lord Venkateshwara and Padmavati’s marriage was celebrated here and this is where the marriage was solemnized. There are also two other prominent temples located nearby which also become a must visit for pilgrims because of the history and fame.

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