When to Let Go of Employees by Om Thoke

Om Thoke

Om Thoke

Serial Entrepreneur, Veteran Blogger, E-commerce Marketer, and Founder of 'Bloggers World University'

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I’ve discussed about learning how not to get attached to employees emotionally and let go of them at the right time when they don’t perform according to your organisational needs - just pay a good agency to hire the right candidate - one month salary would be better spent that way, instead of wasting 3-4 months of salary on existing employee. Sometimes you need to say bye to those who might be good performers but just not the right fit for your company, because you need team players and people who listen to you, and are ready to adapt according to the need of the hour.

Om Thoke

Serial Entrepreneur, Veteran Blogger, E-commerce Marketer, and Founder of 'Bloggers World University'

Om Thoke is one of India's veteran bloggers (since 2005). He calls himself a blogger turned serial entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. 

Having earned $108 at the age of 20 from his first online venture, by the age of 25, he increased his income to 1 crore! By age 30, he had bootstrapped 6 different companies, such as Xpress SEO Solutions and Webfosys Networks. By age 35, he had 3 startup investments. In the past 14 years, he has built over 13,000 blogs. 

Om's main philosophy in life is if he can do it, so can you! 

He has helped thousands of people start from absolute zero and had even helped people go from earning ₹10,000 per month to ₹10k per day. 

To reach a wider audience and guide people more effectively, Om founded Bloggers World University, which helps aspiring bloggers, as well as e-commerce and startup owners, maximize their revenue potential through smart and effective digital marketing and SEO practices. 

Through this workshop, Om aims to help bloggers and freelancers become truly #AatmaNirbhar by understanding the practical applications of his digital marketing knowledge and experience. 

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