Jodhpur's Famous Savoury - Mirchi Wada!

Video Description

Today I am taking you to Rajasthan’s second big city, Jodhpur The local people here are foodies and love to eat variety of food And today I am going to introduce you to the special dish of jodhpur - Mirchi Wade This is a speciality and is famous for it’s unique taste and spice This is a store where you get all kinds of snacks and you can see how they make these Mirchi wadas by filling a spice mixed batter in to long green chillies and fried in oil Let us talk to some of the customers here who are enjoying the mirchi wadas Can you tell us something about this? After listening to the reviews and watching them being prepared right in front of my eyes, I am very tempted to have some. If you ever visit Jodhpur, do come here and try these Mirchi wadas and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist for more!

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