India is the king of potholes

Video Description

The friendly neighbourhood potholes are the most deadly and scariest serial killers in our country. From the stretch of Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are about 10 deaths reported everyday because of potholes. Over 3500 lives lost in our country during the year of 2017 because of potholes while the terrorists and naxals claimed relatively a lesser number of lives that amount to 803. Uttar Pradesh leads in death count due to potholes with 987 people killed. That however is more than 714 deaths in 2016 in the winning state Uttar Pradesh. There are so many outdoor decorations in UP. These are caused due to many reasons. The main 3 are: a) Uneven surfaces of shoddy work b) Haphazard sewage connections below roads c) Non-existent storm water drains. The bill proposed against local officials concerned with this is still in parliament but it is high time we raise our voice.

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