Rajkot's Famous 25 Year-Old Puff Shop

Video Description

Think of the best puff you’ve had – light, flaky, crumbly, hot and complete with a hearty flavorful filling. Now think of how skilful someone who’s been serving these puffs for 25 years day in and day out would be at it! The expertise does its talking. A small, rather unassuming puff shop in Rajkot would‎’t seem like much to a passerby but a stroll past it and the aroma wafting through the air is a tempting invitation. It’s a common sight here to see people’s faces light up as they take the first bite of the flaky crumbly goodness. Mahesh Ganatra had humble beginnings as the owner of this shop but 25 years of tireless hard work and patrons who swear by his puffs now mean that he now has to prep for the day’s sales in a whole other workshop in a mass scale. He has built a repute of being the master of his craft, so much so that even his proud young son aspires to carry on the family legacy after growing up. This puff shop is going to be around for a while. So the next time you’re in Rajkot, do stop by for an evening snack!

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