Grand Parade Towers, Mumbai

Video Description

The Grand Paradi Towers in Mumbai are considered one of the most controversial residential complexes in Mumbai. The towers were constructed in 1975. The towers consist of 3 towers, one at Kemps Corner, one at Malabar Hill and another one in South Mumbai. Owning a flat in one of the towers was considered as a sign of status quo and affluence. It is home to some of the wealthy families of diamond merchants and businessmen. Though the towers are constructed at the most prime locations in Mumbai, they are also considered one of the most jinxed residential complexes in Mumbai. It is said that a woman jumped to death from the terrace of the towers. Later, in 1998, a couple committed suicide by hanging themselves to death after being tired of their abused lives. They left a suicide note accusing their son and daughter in law of mental harassment. In 2000, a man in his 40s working in a brewery committed suicide. Next year, in 2001, a domestic help accused of stealing, threatened suicide. After more than 10 hours, he was saved. Many policemen, fire brigadiers were called to tackle the situation. The next morning the police managed to pull the servant in. Later when they interrogated him, the police found out that he was mentally unstable as his owner’s abused him and tortured him. In 2006, a girl in her 20s again committed suicide by jumping off the balcony from 5th floor. She apparently had a relationship with a guy from the same complex. The families were against this relationship, and she was not allowed to meet the guy. Out of frustration, she jumped off the balcony. Till now there have been close to 20 such appalling cases of accidents and suicides. And it definitely gets one thinking if all these activities are connected or not? Spooky isn’t it.

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