Golden Temple`s Delicious Langar

Video Description

Sri Harmandir Sahib, Golden temple serves on an average 75,000 people daily at the Guru ka Langar. The langar is open 24 hours a day. The first hukumnana from Guru Granth Sahib is read at 5 in the morning. About 12,000 kg of flour is used to make around 200,000 rotis and more than 100 gas cylinders and 5,000 kgs of firewood are used to prepare the meals. The kitchen at the Golden temple is run by the community. The staff that prepares the meals is small, mostly all the work like peeling, chopping, cooking is done by thousands of devotees who come to offer their prayers at the temple. There are 2 dining areas with a total capacity of 5000 people. The kitchen has a roti maker which was donated by a devotee, there are 2 kitchens which work simultaneously to churn out rotis to feed so many people continuously. The raw material is brought from Delhi and the kitchen receives a lot of donation in cash as well. At langar, hygiene is of utmost importance. Each plate is washed at least 5 times before it is being reused. According to the Sikh texts, during meals all caste, religious social status barriers are dropped down and everyone sits together and share’s a meal. After the meal, the volunteers collect the plate and clean it too. Almost all the devotees who visit the temple volunteer at the kitchen and help in making the meal or in cleaning up after the pangat is over. The Golden temple is the most popular attraction in Amritsar and people from all over the world come to visit the place and offer their respects.

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