Goa's very famous food street

Video Description

Soothing beaches, spectacular sunsets, tall palm trees and happy faces, yes we are talking about India's most happening beach destination Goa! While Goa carries the reputation of being hippies' paradise, the place is a heaven for street food lovers as well. A food street which comes to life after 6 PM every evening, right in front of the Alankar movie theatre in Mapusa, it is almost as if the place shifts gears as dusk starts falling. Vendors spring into action, pre- preparing food – putting marinated whole chicken into an earthen oven, deep-frying the gobi manchurian, arranging the range of local breads on offer. Helpers start arranging make-shift plastic furniture – tables and chair – on the road. The entire street takes on a festive, hangout vibe and foodies start flowing in. You will mostly find Chinese food stalls here, but there are also Goan and Tandoori food stalls if that's your jam. It started with a gentleman called Sridhar Hazare who opened a juice stall and then expanded to include a Chinese counter and a tandoori stall. Today there are 6-8 stalls that offer Chinese, tandoori and Goan food along with fresh juices and milkshakes. The portion sizes are large-hearted and locals often packs food from here for dinner.

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