700 years old Lord Shiva temple

Video Description

Nageshwar Temple, the temple of Lord Shiva, is located in Somwar Peth, Pune. Nageshwar temple is one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra and was built in 13th century in Yadava style of architecture.The temple belongs to the times of Saint Dnyaneshwarand Tukaram. The temple has an assembly hall whose top has been made in the 'nagara' style, from gypsum, lime and plaster.The entire structure of the temple is made of wood while the sanctum Sanctorum is made of stone where the Shiv Linga is installed. In the premises of the temple you can also find many other shrines including Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and Shree Dattatreya.It is a general belief that there was once a reservoir near the temple. The water of this reservoir can cure leprosy. Today the temple lies hidden in the maze of buildings and is visited by very few people.

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