Did You Know India's Greatest War Was Fought In Manipur?

Video Description

The kingdom of Manipur was founded in 1110 AD by a ruler of Meitei origin. Later on, the Burmese troops annexed the kingdom of Manipur. In 1824, Britain declared war on Burma after they found out about the Burmese plans to attack Bengal, which was a British holding. After the war in 1826 Burma and Britain signed a treaty of Yandaboo, which restored the Manipur to the status of an independent state. Later in 1891, British troops declared war on Kangleipak. Kangleipak forces suffered heavy casualties during the war, while only one soldier died and four were injured on the British side. This war is also known as the Anglo- Manipur war, which lasted from 31 March to 27 April 1891, ending in a British victory. Later a war memorial was built to commemorate those soldiers who lost their lives fighting the battle. Though lost in the chapters of history, this is one of the greatest battles that was fought in India.

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