Why Saturn can float in water

Video Description

The solar system that we live in is an incredible one. Once we explore facts about the solar system, we will get to know so much exciting information that we never know. The planets in our solar system hold interesting facts too. Saturn, for example, has quite a lot of amusing information. Being the second largest planet which is the sixth planet from the sun, it is a gas giant that has an average radius which is almost about nine times that of Earth. Saturn only has about one-eighth the average density of Earth but its larger volume makes it 95 times more massive. It has very low density that the entire planet of Saturn can float in water. It has at least 62 moons in its orbit of which 53 are named officially and this doesn’t include the moonlets in its rings. Its largest moon is Titan, which is the second largest in the Solar system. It is larger than the planet Mercury and has its substantial atmosphere, the only moon in our Solar system to have so.

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