Break Those Unhealthy Habits With Mindfulness: Jyothi Shyamsundar

Jyothi Shyamsunder

Jyothi Shyamsunder

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher and Certified Counselor

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Jyothi Shyamsunder, a mindfulness and self-compassion teacher, is offering a mindfulness session to teach you how to manage stress and break away from any unhealthy coping mechanisms that you may have developed. Jyothi will focus on providing a mindfulness approach to: Understanding how stress happens - and managing it Recognizing unhealthy habit patterns Practicing acceptance and moving towards healing At the end of the session, you may notice a lowered heart rate, relaxed muscles, and an overall feeling of calmness and peace. When practiced regularly, mindfulness can help manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and even physical illness.

Jyothi Shyamsunder

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher and Certified Counselor

'"To be your own light" is not the privilege of a few but the right and possibility of each of one us through the practice of Mindfulness and Compassion. This is the way forward for Humanity.'
-- Jyothi Shyamsunder 

Jyothi Shyamsunder has been a Mindfulness, Compassion, and Consciousness practitioner, teacher, and counselor for over ten years. She is also certified in Presence-Oriented Psychotherapy: A Non-Dual Approach (Integrating Mindfulness, Compassion, and Wisdom). Her extensive training has been in the Vipassana school of practice.

Her training, research, and study has helped her render many sessions and retreats for organizations of various kinds - for individuals, teachers, and parents. She is a writer and develops content for popular apps.

Jyothi is currently in talks with UCSD (University of California, San Diego) for research and curriculum development on Compassion and Human Consciousness. 

She has been a part of: 

  • The International Mindfulness Advisory Group (MAG) at RoundGlass 
  • The Content Development Team for Kindness Curriculum (led by the Dalai Lama) for Emory University in the US
  • Manning international projects involving Universal Human Values and Ethics

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