Birthplace Of The Immortal Man

Video Description

Tapkeshwar Temple in Dehradun is one of the most famous Shiva temples. The temple is situated on the banks of a seasonal river Asan. The main Shivalinga is naturally formed inside a cave. Water droplets from the ceiling of the cave drip continuously on the Shivaling thus giving it the name Tapkeshwar. It is a popular belief that during the time of Mahabharta, Dronacharya used to reside in this cave, thus giving it the name Drona Cave. Drona’s wife Kalyani gave birth to a son, Ashwothama. As they had meagre earnings they could not afford to feed the child. Ashwothama started praying to Lord Shiva, impressed by his devotion Shiva fed him milk through the dripping from the ceiling. During Shivaratri, devotees from across India visit the temple. To entertain the masses a fair is held around the temple and one can easily avail Shiva’s prasad.

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