Serene ambience at Karunamoyee Kali Temple

Video Description

Katunamoyee Kali Temple Famous Amdanga Karunamoyee Kali Temple in amdanga, west bengal, also known as Kalika is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, or shakti. She is the mighty aspect of the goddess Durga. The name of Kali means black one and force of time, she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction Her earliest appearance is that of a destroyer principally of evil forces. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shakta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman; and recent devotional movements re-imagine Kali as a benevolent mother goddess. She is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her. Kali is worshipped by Hindus throughout India but particularly South India, Bengal, and Assam. It's a 250 year old Kali temple owned by Nandadulal RoyChowdhury, a descendant of the 27th generation of the Zaminder Shabarna RoyChowdhury family, founded this temple in 1760 A.D. The temple offers several services towards the society and particularly the distressed ones with the sole motto of "Jiba Gyana Shiva Seva" (Serve the poor as you will serve the lord). Bhog Prasad is arranged every afternoon round the year but the temple authorities need to be informed. During the winters, a big fair is organised around the temple.

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