5 weirdest syndromes

Video Description

Psychology is a vast field that should be handled with extreme care and compassion. Psychologists have found out some weird syndromes that people can get. These are some clever insights that will help us handle affected people with care. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: It is a rare condition which will lead to have temporary episodes of various disorientations and distorted perception. There are cases in this syndrome where, for them, the room and furniture surrounding the person also shifts further away or closer than it really is. Alien Hand Syndrome This is a rather serious category of conditions in which a person witnesses their limbs behaving seemingly on their own, without any conscious control over the actions. Boanthropy This is a psychological disorder where people believe themselves to be a Bovine. Bovines are Afrcian Buffaloes. Cotard delusion It is also known as Cotard's syndrome which is a rare mental disorder in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. Factitious Disorder It is a rare condition in which they attempt to take up the role of a patient by faking symptoms. They try to contaminate test results to achieve fast results to fake being sick and become a patient.

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