Every 90s kid can relate to this!

Video Description

Here are some of the 10 things every 90’s kid loved and still gets too nostalgic about. Ice candies that came in different flavours and colors which were available for just 1 rupee and called ‘1rupee Pepsee’ Since video games were the only games that could be played virtually we all stuck to Lagori and Seven Stones games that were loved by all Best ever video game that was loved unanimously by everyone was the Super Mario Our first mechanical pencil that was so precious that we never wanted to lose a tip Chit games were our major go-to-choice because of the fun we got out of it All the fantasies that we saw in our Tv shows, how badly we wanted them to be real Sweet Cigarettes were bad influence, yes! But sure was fun and swag to eat The funniest switches we had The kick we had when we had to click the right appropriate number of pictures that the film roll would support The funniest thing would be to find out when those pictures are, in fact, blurred No matter what is said and done, 90s kids still embrace their childhood memories and love them.

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