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5 mistakes to avoid while brushing your teeth

Brushing teeth is like a routine activity that people perform twice a day. However, brushing your teeth is an important exercise when it comes to maintaining oral health and hygiene. Listed below are five mistakes to avoid while brushing:

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Wrong toothbrush

By far, this is one of the widespread mistake people make. The main reason being lack of awareness about what kind of toothbrush would be appropriate for you. Different toothbrushes exist for different purposes ultimately serving the purpose to achieving clean teeth but through various ways. Some toothbrushes are even made to cater to very specific oral or dental problems. Hence, choosing the correct type of toothbrush is essential if one wishes to maintain their oral health and hygiene.

Brushing Too Soon

Brushing teeth
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Timing is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of any exercise. In order to maintain dental health, many people tend to brush at regular intervals, when in reality, that is not the best way to go about it. Instead, a person must brush just twice daily to help protect against plaque and germs that accumulate during the day.

Not Changing the Toothbrush Too Often

Spoiled toothbrush
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Changing the toothbrush is also an important aspect of maintaining proper oral health and hygiene. Using the same toothbrush over a longer period of time, causes it to lose its bristles, making it less effective. Therefore, the idea is to change the toothbrush after using them for a fixed period of time. Ideally, do make sure to change your toothbrush every three to six months.

Using the Wrong Toothpaste


Just like choosing the correct toothbrush, choosing the correct toothpaste is also very important. Again, lack of awareness leads to using wrong toothpaste. Different kinds of toothpastes serve different purpose such as minty taste, better cleaning, dealing with sensitivity issues etc. Therefore, choosing the correct toothpaste is a vital step towards maintaining oral hygiene.

Skipping the Gums

Brushing gums

Gums are equally important as your teeth. Hence, if gums are not cleaned properly, it may lead to various kinds of dental problems, worse case being tooth loss.

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