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Have you recently broken up but still in love with your...

Break up
It is difficult to mend a broken heart after a person has gone through a breakup. We often get depressed, sad and think about...

Do you have a partner who abuses you? Here are 5...

Verbal abuse is when the other person uses negative words. At times, even petty fights lead to verbal abuse. If you or anyone...

Is it possible to have a happy, fulfilling long-distance relationship?

couple pic
This is a question that hovers over the minds of many, once they get close to someone living far away. In fact,...

Why does Lord Shiva carry a ‘trishul’?

Lord Shiva
A trishul, known as a trident in English, is a weapon that was used in ancient times in warfare and other types...

Your gut holds the key to your mood

Happy mood
There is a Greco-Roman proverb, which in English reads as, “A sound body is a sound mind”. Variations of this proverb have appeared throughout...