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Vidhant Kadam is a photographer and filmmaker with over two years of professional experience. He has worked with reputed brands like Hyundai and Kia, and popular artists like Ritwiz and Loststories.

Passionate about photography and about helping clients look their very best, Vidhant loves what he does. He's known to be responsive, quick with the turnaround, creative, and efficient.

Testimonials (11)

Profile image of Ruchira Rudra

Ruchira Rudra 19/02/2021

Quite informative

Profile image of Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta 18/02/2021

It was a good webinar

Profile image of Sayan Bera

Sayan Bera 18/02/2021

He is great guy... Covered all necessary things in a very short time, also cleared doubts... But STILL I NEED TO TALK TO HIM REGARDING A SIMPLE QUESTION (I knocked him, but I think he couldn't notice)

Profile image of Vineet Joshi

Vineet Joshi 18/02/2021

Very useful & informative for me

Profile image of Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar 10/08/2021

Nice, good for beginners

Profile image of Ramchandra Bhavsar

Ramchandra Bhavsar 10/08/2021

It was ok, academically d contents were less than average, d resource person could have explained d technical aspects in bit more detail n with more illustration s, which is not very difficult, negative n positive practial exampels cld have made d difference, professional grooming marketing sides were d best part

Profile image of Deepika

Deepika 10/08/2021

It's not easy to complete in 2 hrs session

Profile image of Priscilla Chetty

Priscilla Chetty 14/09/2021

It was awesome

Profile image of Farkhunda Jamil

Farkhunda Jamil 14/09/2021

The course was not up to the mark because everything was theatrical nothing practical. I am not satisfied.

Profile image of Vandana Varma

Vandana Varma 14/09/2021

The class was fairly good. A couple of basic rules of photography were discussed. Picked up some tips. Good enough for the price and duration. However, the certificate at the end has still not been received.

Profile image of Gaurav Palshikar

Gaurav Palshikar 14/09/2021

I was very nice and basic topic clear. Good content.

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