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Tejashree Milind Garsund has worked as Manager - Product Training, in Oriflame Cosmetics. She has conducted more than 50+ workshops, both online and offline, on soap-making, bath salt and scrub making, lip balms & lip scrubs, and more.

Testimonials (50)

Profile image of Sheetal Ghavale

Sheetal Ghavale 04/09/2021


Profile image of Jagadish B S

Jagadish B S 28/07/2021


Profile image of Simmy Chawla

Simmy Chawla 28/07/2021


Profile image of Upasana Bhatia

Upasana Bhatia 28/07/2021


Profile image of Dikshita Dutta

Dikshita Dutta 28/07/2021

It was a great session but my only feedback is that I was muted during the whole session, so could not ask questions when ever I wanted to ask during the session.

Profile image of Muneer

Muneer 28/07/2021

it was good, but could have been a little bit more professionally presented

Profile image of Banu Rekha

Banu Rekha 28/07/2021

she has explained in a detailed manner for the queries raised .overall the session was informative and useful

Profile image of Sanjeevi V

Sanjeevi V 28/07/2021

Session was good , how will I get the recordings and pdf ,because I wasn't added to any whatsapp group

Profile image of Naveen Basavarajaiah

Naveen Basavarajaiah 23/06/2021

they told that they will send me the pdf and I have not recieved yet.. where to contact I DON'T KNOW

Profile image of Susan

Susan 11/06/2021

Mam I couldn't attend your live class can you please help me to find recording

Profile image of Thanushya S Raj

Thanushya S Raj 09/06/2021

Amazing Session! So many take aways. The class was very well organised and detailed. Great value for money. Kudos to the trainer and the entire Spark.Live team for making this happen. Thoroughly enjoyed this :) Looking forward to attend more classes!

Profile image of Geetha

Geetha 08/06/2021


Profile image of Sindhu S

Sindhu S 08/06/2021

It's good

Profile image of Kirthi K Mallya

Kirthi K Mallya 08/06/2021

Enjoyed the session.

Profile image of Susheela

Susheela 07/06/2021

Clearly explained, very useful thank you❤

Profile image of Vaishnavi Tamanoru

Vaishnavi Tamanoru 07/06/2021

Very nice session it was very helpful

Profile image of Maitreyee K

Maitreyee K 07/06/2021

It's nice experience , well explain and guide

Profile image of Suganya R

Suganya R 07/06/2021

It was good learning,but I feel it should be organised well like camera setup, required items. Sometimes the internet goes up and down and sometimes she goes on mute.

Profile image of anjali babu

anjali babu 07/06/2021

Nice class

Profile image of Guru

Guru 07/06/2021

Class was really so helpful but in-between voice is not audible

Profile image of Saadat Abrar

Saadat Abrar 07/06/2021


Profile image of Medapati.Aswani

Medapati.Aswani 07/06/2021

Thank you so much for giving us interactive and informative class today.its look like small session but within one session we can get more knowledge abot soaps.Thanks alot once again mam.

Profile image of Monica Panandikar

Monica Panandikar 07/06/2021

Very informative and well explained. Would certainly like to attend more sessions.

Profile image of Susmita Mandal

Susmita Mandal 07/06/2021

really it was a wonderful session

Profile image of Supradeep Vankayala

Supradeep Vankayala 07/06/2021


Profile image of Vanshika Chopra

Vanshika Chopra 02/07/2021

She explained very nicely

Profile image of Priya

Priya 02/07/2021

Its very useful thank u mam

Profile image of Neha.R.Jain

Neha.R.Jain 02/07/2021

It was amazing..clear and perfect

Profile image of Pallavi Chandorkar

Pallavi Chandorkar 01/07/2021

Ma'am explain from tip to toe with complete demonstration which was a great experience. Lovely combination of creativity and experience.

Profile image of Upasana Bhatia

Upasana Bhatia 01/07/2021

Great to learn in detail :)

Profile image of Rahul K Yadav

Rahul K Yadav 31/07/2021

It was good

Profile image of Rajeev

Rajeev 27/07/2021

No Pdf given for this class. Can you send pdf to rajeevdevakumart@gmail.com

Profile image of Vaishnavi Panchal

Vaishnavi Panchal 07/07/2021


Profile image of Sonal

Sonal 06/07/2021

It was good

Profile image of Bhavya P

Bhavya P 06/07/2021

I learned more from the class and I made me a chance to earn also

Profile image of Monika

Monika 06/07/2021

Very nice class learnt a lot of information from Tejashree thanku for explaining in a very understandable way😊

Profile image of Sandeep

Sandeep 06/07/2021


Profile image of Karthikeyani Santhosh

Karthikeyani Santhosh 06/07/2021

Wonderful session

Profile image of Saili Dixit Gadkari

Saili Dixit Gadkari 06/07/2021

It was good but more detailed explanation about the process and ingredients was expected from my side

Profile image of Navisangavi R

Navisangavi R 05/07/2021

Very useful session

Profile image of Punyo Habung

Punyo Habung 18/08/2021

My experience was great as per video class but got issue with after class queries solution. I asked about the amount for initial investment to make product to sell from home but no answer was replied

Profile image of null

null 04/08/2021

Nice experience with great ideas

Profile image of Upasana Bhatia

Upasana Bhatia 31/07/2021


Profile image of Vijeta Ruchandani

Vijeta Ruchandani 20/08/2021

Very detailed information...

Profile image of null

null 29/08/2021

Thank you

Profile image of Dipankar Das

Dipankar Das 19/08/2021


Profile image of Uma Dhamankar

Uma Dhamankar 30/08/2021

Please share certificate and recording

Profile image of Ramya Raj

Ramya Raj 30/08/2021

It was good

Profile image of Mina Mohmud

Mina Mohmud 30/08/2021

Well taught and patiently answered

Profile image of Raksha Suraksha

Raksha Suraksha 09/09/2021

Beautiful learning experience...very interactive and informative session... politely taught

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