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An avid baker at heart, Tanya Bhatia started her journey in the culinary world at the very young age of 12. Along with baking, she also developed a keen interest in cooking various other specialties like sizzlers, Indian & Italian cuisines. Having featured her work on Asian Food Network and NDTV Food, she now runs a recipe blog with over 300 recipes & shares her kitchen hacks & tips through her online classes and courses on Spark.Live.

Testimonials (93)

Profile image of M. R. Bhuvaneswari

M. R. Bhuvaneswari 29/05/2021

No words to say... Awesome... Need more classes

Profile image of Vikant Solanki

Vikant Solanki 28/05/2021

Amazing experience

Profile image of Ashish Prabhudesai

Ashish Prabhudesai 28/05/2021

Tanya mam conducted workshop very well and clear all doubts which we have in our mind. Thank you Team Spark for conducting such a nice workshop.

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 28/05/2021

It was a great session. It is best to learn live than recorded video's. They can come handy later on.

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 28/05/2021

Learnt some handy tips of baking a pizza.

Profile image of Shoba Mary

Shoba Mary 27/05/2021

It would be great if variations are discussed

Profile image of Hritvik Verma

Hritvik Verma 24/05/2021

It was really a good and easy to understand class.

Profile image of Anamika Bachkheti

Anamika Bachkheti 21/05/2021

I was very satisfied with the class ... My basics are very much cleared .. The explanation given by Tanya mam was very much cleared. Looking forward for more such classes by Tanya mam

Profile image of Vidya S Banad

Vidya S Banad 21/05/2021

The class was nice with many tips.

Profile image of Ammara Jamal

Ammara Jamal 21/05/2021

Tanya was an amazing online teacher... gave detailed explanation along with the recipe demonstration, answered quarries. It was an incredible pizza learning experience for a novice. Deserves the 5 star for her expertise and sincerity..

Profile image of Amit Kumar Barik

Amit Kumar Barik 21/05/2021

She has very detailed knowledge and she is very much patient while explaining. It's like I by hearted all the things. Really enjoyed and looking forward to the Master Class. Must join to understand the art and science in baking a pizza.

Profile image of Sweta

Sweta 21/05/2021


Profile image of Mehernosh Pithawala

Mehernosh Pithawala 20/05/2021

Very lucid way of teaching

Profile image of Mani

Mani 20/05/2021

It was nice and esay to learn

Profile image of Avni Agarwal

Avni Agarwal 20/05/2021

It was superb

Profile image of Mayuri

Mayuri 20/05/2021

best experience

Profile image of Gagan

Gagan 20/05/2021


Profile image of Bittu Periwal

Bittu Periwal 20/05/2021


Profile image of So Sisters

So Sisters 20/05/2021

I have attended pizza making class today.. Wonderful experience πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Profile image of Derick Nathaniel Massar

Derick Nathaniel Massar 20/05/2021

Learned a lot of mistakes I was doing in the past . Thank You

Profile image of Bhakti Gudhka

Bhakti Gudhka 20/05/2021

Very good explanation.

Profile image of Ashish Prabhudesai

Ashish Prabhudesai 20/05/2021

Awesome workshop

Profile image of Sunipa Gupta

Sunipa Gupta 05/07/2021

Learned more about chocolates and interesting too

Profile image of Riya N

Riya N 22/06/2021

It was amazing to learn from the teacher and she answered all by questions.

Profile image of Swathi Kj

Swathi Kj 18/06/2021

This class was not conducted at all. There was just blank screen the whole time. I sent an email writing about it,and there was no reply. After second day they sent a completion certificate and a link for recorded classes,which again is not working. That link just takes me to the home page of this app,and not any recorded classes. Worst platform ever.

Profile image of Anuradha

Anuradha 17/06/2021


Profile image of Jeni Thakkar

Jeni Thakkar 16/06/2021

It was really nice I loved the workshop because I learned to make new new chocolates and it very very mouth watering πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Profile image of Zainab Jodhpurwala

Zainab Jodhpurwala 16/06/2021

It was a very informative n interesting session. Learnt quite a lot from it. Ma'am was very patient n clear in her teaching n communication

Profile image of Anupma Rao

Anupma Rao 16/06/2021

It was excellent.she did not skip anything .Great

Profile image of Jasmine Ketkar

Jasmine Ketkar 16/06/2021

Well explained, wonderful session.

Profile image of Fiza Mulani

Fiza Mulani 16/06/2021

Learned good amount of measurements

Profile image of Pritesh Mehts

Pritesh Mehts 16/06/2021


Profile image of Sumeet Arya

Sumeet Arya 16/06/2021

Overall it was good. Could be more informative and i felt lack in information on building a business model

Profile image of A. Nivedhitha

A. Nivedhitha 16/06/2021

I am very grate for your opportunities Thank You Mam And sparklive tem

Profile image of Mokshi Jain

Mokshi Jain 16/06/2021

It was really good. Well explained everything

Profile image of Stuti Agarwal

Stuti Agarwal 16/06/2021

Will not able to take cls...... Due to some medical issues

Profile image of Heera

Heera 16/06/2021

It was very informative. Mam explained it really well and cleared the doubts too. Thank you

Profile image of Debika Mandal

Debika Mandal 16/06/2021

It was good. Mam explained everything clearly. Her tips and tricks were also good

Profile image of Radhika Dhoot

Radhika Dhoot 16/06/2021

It was awesome

Profile image of Mariam Baiju Mathew

Mariam Baiju Mathew 16/06/2021

It was really a very good session and was very informative to me as a beginner in making chocolates

Profile image of Sutapa Pal

Sutapa Pal 16/06/2021

The class was informative and it was agreat experience for me . It helped me a lot. I am eager to join other classes also. Thak you very much. I also want to do cake decoration classes with you.

Profile image of Sonal Chandrakanth

Sonal Chandrakanth 16/06/2021

It was nice

Profile image of Savitha Vijay

Savitha Vijay 16/06/2021

Really it was a wonderful chocolate making class for beginners. Thank you tanya for your clear explanation.

Profile image of Priya Gore

Priya Gore 16/06/2021

I enjoyed participating in the chocolate making workshop. I only knew the basic chocolate. But this workshop showed me how to make truffle, colored and flavored chocolate.

Profile image of Sheethal Sumesh

Sheethal Sumesh 16/06/2021

It was very good experience. Ma'am explained nicely and understandable.

Profile image of Charu Deora

Charu Deora 16/06/2021

Amazing experience...would love to learn more things from her..😊

Profile image of Rahemeen

Rahemeen 16/06/2021

It was super amazing

Profile image of Varsha J

Varsha J 16/06/2021


Profile image of Bhuvaneswari

Bhuvaneswari 14/06/2021

It was a great session. Some tips is very useful for me while making chocolates

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 14/06/2021

Learnt a real new way of making chocolates. Wonderful session. Well explained & every aspect of making chocolates. Thankyou very much.

Profile image of Nishita Chittora

Nishita Chittora 27/07/2021


Profile image of Vanita Sastry

Vanita Sastry 27/06/2021

Amazing session

Profile image of Siddhi Sankhe

Siddhi Sankhe 27/06/2021

Absolutely loved the class❀️❀️❀️

Profile image of Geetha Gopinath

Geetha Gopinath 26/06/2021

Very good

Profile image of Archanaa.K

Archanaa.K 26/06/2021

It was good and informative

Profile image of P. Subhashini

P. Subhashini 26/06/2021

Superb session

Profile image of Ruptrishna Borooah

Ruptrishna Borooah 26/06/2021

Well informed class

Profile image of Sumana Mandal

Sumana Mandal 25/06/2021


Profile image of B. Prakruthi

B. Prakruthi 25/06/2021

Love the session & really great experience with tanya bhatia mam Thanku so much sparklive

Profile image of Nikhila Chiguluru

Nikhila Chiguluru 25/06/2021

Hi This is my first session with sparklive and at starting I was bit hesitant to proceed but now I'm gonna take more sessions. And the baking class was awesome Tanya mam explanation was neat n clean and answered all the doubts patiently. Loved the session totally. Looking forward to take more

Profile image of Riya Gandhi

Riya Gandhi 25/06/2021

Wonderful information and Helpful Tips in workshop β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ Thank you Soo Much Mam

Profile image of Nandhini

Nandhini 25/06/2021


Profile image of Rupali

Rupali 25/06/2021

Very good explaning of each and every small things of baking.

Profile image of Aalapi

Aalapi 25/06/2021


Profile image of Jyoti Khare

Jyoti Khare 25/06/2021

I haven't got the pdf of her recipes ..pls send it without recipes we can't bake

Profile image of Savitha Vijay

Savitha Vijay 25/06/2021

i learn new way of cake baking . thank you so much for your good teaching

Profile image of Sutapa Pal

Sutapa Pal 25/06/2021

Now after this class we know hiw to keep fit and healthy even after taking delicious food. Thank you Tania ji

Profile image of Roshita

Roshita 25/06/2021

Detailed well explained workshop looking forward for more such workshop

Profile image of Nithya Diya

Nithya Diya 25/06/2021

Too good

Profile image of Vaishali Chavan

Vaishali Chavan 25/06/2021

Detail explaination of receipe.

Profile image of Dolly

Dolly 25/06/2021

Wonderful session it was. Team coordination was amazing. Tanya Mam is just best, she has explained every step in so much detail and at ease. I am so glad I signed up for this session. Looking forward to learn more. Thank you

Profile image of Geeta Nair

Geeta Nair 25/06/2021

Teacher above par excellence!! Loved the class.

Profile image of Preethi

Preethi 25/06/2021

It was a lovely class and I had many of my doubts cleared.

Profile image of Pauline Nithya

Pauline Nithya 25/06/2021

Had a wonderful session

Profile image of Karishma Jagtap

Karishma Jagtap 25/06/2021

Amazing experience

Profile image of Arti Kaushal

Arti Kaushal 24/06/2021

Superb session, very well explained. Tanya is a wonderful teacher and baker.

Profile image of Anjana Shankar

Anjana Shankar 24/06/2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Chef Tanya knows what she is talking about and conveys the same with clarity, conviction and humility. Her attitude inspires us to learn and experiment and enjoy food.

Profile image of Mrs. Lathadhanusu

Mrs. Lathadhanusu 24/06/2021

Greetings and Good Evening πŸŒ…. This was my first online class. Awesome experience.Loved the session. Tanya so sweet of her she explained in such a way that even who is not interested will be passionate for cooking.she is excellent. Thankyou so much Tanya and Spark team for the live session.

Profile image of Lakshmi

Lakshmi 24/06/2021

Enjoyed the session totally

Profile image of Akshaya

Akshaya 24/06/2021

Awesome session full of knowledge. Great maam. More knowledge than given price. Worth it.

Profile image of Rahul K Yadav

Rahul K Yadav 25/07/2021


Profile image of Sai Dhakshana

Sai Dhakshana 23/07/2021

It is an awesome class with tanya

Profile image of Tanaya Navalkar

Tanaya Navalkar 23/07/2021

Lovely class. Thanks for such lovely recipes and specially the tips. Definitely attending more of your sessions!

Profile image of A K Mahalakshmi

A K Mahalakshmi 15/07/2021

It was very informative and helpful

Profile image of Vanita Sastry

Vanita Sastry 09/07/2021

Great experience

Profile image of Sheeja Georgephilip

Sheeja Georgephilip 09/07/2021

All good

Profile image of Anamika Jeenu

Anamika Jeenu 09/07/2021

Nice session

Profile image of Preethi

Preethi 09/07/2021

It was an amazingly planned workshop. Looking forward to many more of Tanya's classes.

Profile image of Shanta Kar

Shanta Kar 09/07/2021

Session was good, but it is difficult for iPad or iPhone users to have recordings or certificates as there is no app for us.

Profile image of Sailaja Panth

Sailaja Panth 09/09/2021

Worth attending online class

Profile image of Monica R

Monica R 05/08/2021

Crystal clear explanation

Profile image of Saipriya Y

Saipriya Y 05/08/2021

Excellent teacher with detailed explanation, she is having lots and lots of patience

Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 05/08/2021

Great session πŸ‘ thank you team 😊

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