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Sulagna Mitra is a NIFT and Birmingham City University alumnus. She is Co-founder and Creative Strategist at Colour Drama. She has more than 6 years of experience in Graphics & Illustrations.

Testimonials (18)

Profile image of Shreya Verma

Shreya Verma 27/05/2021

It was really informative session and really learnt a lot

Profile image of Jayasuryan M

Jayasuryan M 27/05/2021

It was good and clear. But it may be still informative because of lesser time ended soon. Please increase the time one hour is not enough. Not grabed more knowledge, not yet to the expected.

Profile image of Yamini Harimohan

Yamini Harimohan 27/05/2021

It was a good class.

Profile image of Niharika Bhandarkar

Niharika Bhandarkar 27/05/2021

It should have been longer to experiment more and get to know various other logos. But overall very simple way of teaching

Profile image of Shweta Lamba

Shweta Lamba 27/05/2021

It was very informative and concise!

Profile image of Nayeemulla Rifai

Nayeemulla Rifai 27/05/2021

Was very informative and the session was clear

Profile image of Labdhi Jain

Labdhi Jain 30/06/2021

It was very knowledgeable

Profile image of Sanjay R

Sanjay R 28/06/2021

Good one

Profile image of Hemanth Rao

Hemanth Rao 28/06/2021

The class was short, I was expecting more than what was given. Could have done better

Profile image of Srividya Avadhani

Srividya Avadhani 28/06/2021

Pls increase the level of webinar keep it more advance

Profile image of Aravindan Ravikumar

Aravindan Ravikumar 28/06/2021

Great experience overall and learned some new things

Profile image of Yugandhar Kukkala

Yugandhar Kukkala 28/06/2021

I Satisfied

Profile image of Karthik

Karthik 28/06/2021

Inexperienced trainer

Profile image of Merwin Kenneth Sequeira

Merwin Kenneth Sequeira 28/06/2021

The basics were explained well . There are a lot of topics that could have been covered in detail.

Profile image of Arshi Ethel

Arshi Ethel 28/06/2021

For a beginner like me it was quite informative. Though I would suggest that you use more examples to explain the concepts.

Profile image of Rumana Khan

Rumana Khan 26/06/2021

Very helpful sessions. Great

Profile image of Shanthi P

Shanthi P 27/08/2021

She is such a great teacher I enjoyed the session.i would like to say thanks to sulagna Mitra and thank u

Profile image of Anjali

Anjali 26/08/2021


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