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Assistant Professor and Certified Learning and Development Expert


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Sritama Dey Saha is a Certified Learning and Development Expert with 13 years of experience in teaching and training.

She holds a BA in English from Calcutta University, an MBA in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration from Bhavan Institute of Management Science, and an MPhil and PhD in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal.

In addition to this, Sritama obtained a Certification in Psychology from the University of Toronto.

Sritama has a rich portfolio of working in the corporate and education sectors. As an educator, soft skills trainer, and career counselor, Sritama has worked with AIIMA, Amity Global Business School, EIILM Kolkata, JD Birla Institute, American Psychological Association, Goenka College of Commerce & Business Administration, Techno International, and Srihari Global IISD Foundation.

She offers varied services like strategic consultancy, image building, career counseling, personality development, and public speaking to institutions as well as professionals.

Testimonials (2)

Profile image of Nivedita Badepally

Nivedita Badepally 24/03/2021

I was waiting for the meeting in waiting room and wrote a message also. But no one responded so I couldn't attend the workshop

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Shashank 24/03/2021


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