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Siddek Basha is a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor with over a decade of experience. 

While he is a Technical Writer for a reputed aerospace organization, his passion for yoga, fitness, and meditation led him to pursue a certification course followed by a diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Indian School of Yoga. 

Siddek's yoga sessions are primarily focused on weight loss and general fitness. However, he can also conduct yoga therapy sessions for specific ailments. 

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Profile image of Kostuja Ghosh

Kostuja Ghosh 16/12/2020

From beginners to serious athletes, Siddek Basha has something for everyone! He is truly a superstar in this field. Don't miss out on an amazing experience with an amazing teacher! You will NOT be disappointed. THANK YOU, SIDDEK!

Profile image of Jyoti Sahu

Jyoti Sahu 16/12/2020

Love this Guy! Siddek is incredibly knowledgeable. This class made me feel really empowered and also taught me that trust is so important. You are not going to find a more vibrant and enthusiast as well as a deeply knowledgeable Yoga instructor.

Profile image of Chandana

Chandana 17/12/2020

Loosing fat, increasing my energy and enjoying session day by day

Profile image of Rohit

Rohit 17/12/2020


Profile image of Vamsi charan

Vamsi charan 17/12/2020

Good sessions

Profile image of Imroze

Imroze 17/12/2020

Sweaty and rejuvenated sessions. Thanks Siddek

Profile image of Dada

Dada 17/12/2020

Thanks Siddek and Spark.Live to bring online Yoga sessions. Will recommend to my friends and family🙏

Profile image of Srujana

Srujana 17/12/2020

Good asana sessions.

Profile image of Rajana

Rajana 17/12/2020

Good online sessions in this Covid situation. Thank you😊👌👍

Profile image of Vasudeva

Vasudeva 17/12/2020

Good for weight loss and flexibility. I recommend for others who are looking for flexibility and fat loss. Thank you Siddek.

Profile image of Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen 16/12/2020

This helped me soooo much to relax! I’m surprised! I feel relaxed, calm, comfortable! I’m sooo glad I joined this course! Please keep this up! It’s really helping me!

Profile image of Kavya Rathor

Kavya Rathor 16/12/2020

I have been doing yoga for over 6 years and nothing compares to Siddek Basha’s Yoga class. The instructions are amazing and easy to learn. The session helped me to reduce workplace stress and taught me how to balance Chakra in an effective way.

Profile image of Gaurav Munshi

Gaurav Munshi 16/12/2020

Siddek’s been such a blessing and has made such a huge impact in my life over the course of just 1 session. I feel like I've known him a lifetime though, he has this way of lending himself and his positive energy to you without allowing it to deplete him.

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