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Sangeeta Datta is an experienced Yoga Teacher with over five years of experience. Living in the heart of Bengaluru, she has successfully turned her passion for yoga and teaching into a profession. 

A motivated yoga instructor with advanced training in yoga and a specialization in Ashtanga principles, her sessions can help you form a connection between your mind, body, and spirit. She incorporates a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practise their own unique form of yoga.

Energetic, outgoing, and collaborative, Sangeeta can inspire you to improve your well-being and commit to your long-term health and fitness goals. 

Testimonials (11)

Profile image of Srishti Saxena

Srishti Saxena 17/12/2020

Sangeeta's ability as an instructor extends beyond Yoga. It's obvious that she has spent a great deal of time thinking about presentation, how to be effective, and how to work well with others.

Profile image of Diana Sushmitha

Diana Sushmitha 17/12/2020

In all of my experiences with Sangeeta,I have been very happy with her instruction and her ability to deal fairly and directly with situations in an online classroom environment.

Profile image of Geetha Gita

Geetha Gita 17/12/2020

I highly recommend lessons with Sangeeta. She's approachable and clear with her instructions. She also doesn't talk too much when teaching (a big plus).

Profile image of Monami Goswami

Monami Goswami 17/12/2020

SUPER fun and engaging. Sangeeta is really friendly and helpful. Her tips are great and quite easy to understand.

Profile image of Vara Raturi

Vara Raturi 17/12/2020

She is extremely articulate, frank, and helpful. She was able to articulate concepts about teaching that I "knew but didn't know I knew," which empowered me to new awareness and constructive improvements.

Profile image of Rudra Banerjee

Rudra Banerjee 17/12/2020

Nice workout session. Loved it

Profile image of Archana

Archana 29/10/2020

This program helps me to manage my weight .

Profile image of Pradeepa

Pradeepa 29/10/2020

My back pain has reduced a lot , continuing for 6 months now, happy me

Profile image of Rupa Ghosh

Rupa Ghosh 29/10/2020

Its the great combination of intense and relaxing workout

Profile image of shruthi

shruthi 29/10/2020

Exercises are very relaxing and therapeutic as per the need

Profile image of Santhiya

Santhiya 29/10/2020

Its wondering with the trainer for her friendly Nature.

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