Sanchari Mukherjee

Psychologist, Graphologist, and Sociology Teacher


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About Me

Sanchari Mukherjee is a mental health professional and graphology educator with over two years of experience.

Sanchari has been utilizing her graphology skills to help clients deal with anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems. She has counseled clients both online and offline.

She has completed her Master's from Asutosh College in Applied Psychology, with Clinical Psychology as her specialization, and has been a Participant in STOP2019 (Substance Abuse Orientation Program) with NIHMANS, Bangalore. 

Devoted to helping individuals improve their lifestyle, she has worked with underprivileged children at the Sealdah Station, West Bengal, under the supervision of CINI (Child In Need Institute).

Her background in psychology has given her an in-depth knowledge of how the human brain functions, using which she can provide insightful perspectives. She is looking forward to helping people overcome challenges through her suggested methods and therapy sessions.

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