Samantha Bora

Abundance Coach and Sound Healer


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New Delhi

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Samantha Bora is a renowned Abundance Coach and Sound Healer with over seven years of experience. She has conducted numerous workshops on health, abundance, yoga, and sound healing.

Her son had been suffering from Down Syndrome, and medicines had become a part of his regular diet. As a mother, she resolved to stop that and tried a number of alternate therapies, but nothing worked. Then, she discovered Sound Healing.

Now it's been nearly 18 months, and her son has not used a drop of medicine. She started to practice this therapy on others - and it worked! Since then, it has become her passion and mission to spread the knowledge of Healing Sound Energy. 

Samantha combines guided voice meditations with sounds of tuned Tibetan singing bowls and specific frequencies to activate the chakras. She specializes in one-on-one online workshops.

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