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Rohith V. is a Yoga Instructor with over three years of teaching experience. During this time, he has amassed a truly impressive list of qualifications. He holds an MSc in Health and Yoga Therapy from Calicut University. Additionally, he is a Ministry of AYUSH certified Level 2 Yoga teacher and is an NSDC RLP Level 5 Yoga Teacher with the Government of India. 

Until recently, Rohith was working as a Yoga Therapist at the Government Research Institute for Mental Diseases in Kottakkal, Kerala. 

Testimonials (6)

Profile image of Aparna Ashok

Aparna Ashok 16/12/2020

I'm so glad I did this session

Profile image of Archee Roy

Archee Roy 16/12/2020

Not gonna lie, I haven't felt this relaxed in so long - I didn't realize just how tense I was until this session was over and my body felt like air. Thank you so much for your class.Good job Rohith !!!

Profile image of Mimi Gh

Mimi Gh 16/12/2020

I didn’t know I needed this. Thank you

Profile image of Abhinaya Rangarajan

Abhinaya Rangarajan 16/12/2020

I just started my master's and i’ve been struggling with anxiety. I don’t talk much in class because of my social anxiety and i go home and i beat myself up for it.. i feel so disconnected. Your yoga made me feel tethered back on earth. Thank you, Rohith V.

Profile image of Namit Jain

Namit Jain 16/12/2020

This was so relieving, I’m shocked. It actually brought me to tears because of how relieved I felt...I haven’t experienced this ever before...

Profile image of Ashok Kendre

Ashok Kendre 16/12/2020

Sometimes I get so caught up in my negative thoughts that it leads to a slight panic attack. Through Rohith V.’s Pranayama practice I’ve learned how to try to come back to reality and calm myself down.Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

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