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Riya Vatwani is a home chef and baker. She has been fond of cooking for a long time. She specializes in making pizzas, wraps and egg-free desserts and cakes. She also conducts online classes.

Riya Vatwani is a seasoned home baker. Having mastered the art over the last ten years, she specializes in egg-free desserts and cakes.

She runs a successful bakery business from home. She is also a teacher, having taught hundreds of students on the best way to prepare desserts.

Testimonials (4)

Profile image of Sindhu Aradhya

Sindhu Aradhya 27/08/2021

None of the cookies resembled the photo shared

Profile image of Uttam Hundia

Uttam Hundia 21/08/2021

Instructor was good but there were technical glitches. Sometimes there was no audio video or voice was breaking. Lighting issue was also there

Profile image of Upasana Bhatia

Upasana Bhatia 18/08/2021


Profile image of Hanoch Franklin

Hanoch Franklin 31/08/2021

Worst . Never able to Connect

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