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Executive Editor of Video Autocar India and Editor of Autocar Show


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Renuka Kirpalani is currently the host and editor of the Autocar Show on Times Network and is the Executive Editor for Video Content for Autocar India, which includes a channel on YouTube with over a million followers.

As a part of her job, she test drives and reviews cars for the Indian market.

Some of her other achievements are:

  • Participating in the 9000+ km ASEAN rally across South-East Asia in 2002
  • Organizing, for the Government of India, and participating in the SAARC rally across 7 countries. This was an initiative by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and it was the first time since Independence that Indian number plate cars crossed over into Pakistan
  • More recently, for Autocar, she organized a 75-day driving trip around India for Ferrari, where two Scagliettis along with Fiat cars drove around India for the Magic India Discovery Tour
  • She has continued to organize a variety of overland expeditions for Autocar India, including the ones from Germany to India, the ASEAN highway, and from India to Paris
  • She's organized, for the Government of India, and participated in ASEAN rally across 9 countries, covering over 7500 km over 22 days in 2012

Renuka has also been a juror on several prestigious world automotive awards:

  • World Car of the Year
  • Women World Car of the Year
  • Engine of the Year
  • Interior of the Year
  • Autocar India Award

Renuka is a partner in Roadtripper, which is a company that took birth out of her passion to drive through the world. Roadtripper organizes driving holidays and expeditions across the world.

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