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Priya Upadhyay is a Certified Zumba and Pilates Instructor with over six years of training experience. Having worked with various agencies as a graphic artist and web designer, she moved on to pursue her passion for dance and fitness and make a name for herself in these domains. 

Priya is also a Skill India certified Fitness Trainer and is well experienced in Zumba, DanceFitness, HIIT, Tabata, Pilates, and Personal Fitness training. She has positively impacted thousands of individuals through her daily Zumba sessions, fitness events, and classes. Her classes not only help with rejuvenation and reduction of stress and strain, but also improve mental and physical wellness.

In addition to this, Priya is a professional choreographer with over fifteen years of experience.

Testimonials (13)

Profile image of Baani Dhaval Mulchandani

Baani Dhaval Mulchandani 12/05/2021


Profile image of Shanu Kanojia

Shanu Kanojia 31/03/2021

Actually I don't attend the session

Profile image of Bharti Bhagat

Bharti Bhagat 31/03/2021

Great Experience

Profile image of Dipti Devrukhkar

Dipti Devrukhkar 31/03/2021

It was great

Profile image of Hawra

Hawra 30/03/2021

It was great

Profile image of Priyanka Jhaver

Priyanka Jhaver 30/03/2021


Profile image of Harshita Gaur

Harshita Gaur 30/03/2021

It was amazing

Profile image of Abu Sayed

Abu Sayed 30/03/2021


Profile image of Sanchi Midda

Sanchi Midda 30/03/2021

It could have been better than this.

Profile image of Sonali

Sonali 30/03/2021


Profile image of Aayushi Sawhney

Aayushi Sawhney 30/03/2021

Hotel Management

Profile image of Soniya Bhavsar

Soniya Bhavsar 30/03/2021

More exercise steps in dance

Profile image of Simin L.

Simin L. 30/03/2021

Speaker view not visible...couldn't follow....wish it was not recording the live session so I could get the option to switch from gallery view to speaker view

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