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நிபுனர் ப்ரீத்தி ராஜேந்திரன், பொறியியல் முடித்தபின்பு மண்டலத்தின் மீதுள்ள ஆர்வத்தினால் அதனை முறையாக காத்துகொண்டு பல்வேறு மாணவர்களுக்கு வகுப்புக்குகளை எடுத்து வருகிறார். 

Testimonials (14)

Profile image of Harini Chandrasekar

Harini Chandrasekar 09/05/2021

Really very patiently she taught the basics. Very very useful session. I enjoyed learning.

Profile image of Mitra Selvaa

Mitra Selvaa 06/05/2021


Profile image of Chitra

Chitra 05/05/2021


Profile image of Priyaram

Priyaram 05/05/2021

I felt very confident,calm,relaxed and more.Thankyou for conducting it in this pandemic situation.Thankyou Preethi Rajendran and thankyou spark.LIVE

Profile image of Sunita Karthikeyan

Sunita Karthikeyan 05/05/2021

clear in concept

Profile image of Parameshwari Karuppusamy

Parameshwari Karuppusamy 05/05/2021

I'm beginner of mandala art..your session was very useful for me...your teaching awesome. ....💫

Profile image of Krithika

Krithika 05/05/2021

It was a good learning of a Art

Profile image of Geethapriya Rajaram

Geethapriya Rajaram 05/05/2021

I was unable to attend

Profile image of Saraswathy

Saraswathy 05/05/2021

I like your mandala art mam

Profile image of Sivaranjani Mailerinathan

Sivaranjani Mailerinathan 05/05/2021

It was a wonderful class for beginners

Profile image of Jeshlin Sathiya.S

Jeshlin Sathiya.S 05/05/2021

Good experience....please share the mandala drawn by the mam at group

Profile image of Jegatha

Jegatha 05/05/2021

It's very useful

Profile image of Dhivya Nataraj

Dhivya Nataraj 05/05/2021

Introspect I thought it very tough to learn but it's easy as she explained it in detail

Profile image of Gayathri Subramaniyam

Gayathri Subramaniyam 05/05/2021

Some more interesting design

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