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Astrologer, Astrology Teacher, Founder of 'Jataka Vedhan Astro Research Center,' and Civil Engineer


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P.R. Selva Ganesh is an astrologer, astrology teacher, and civil engineer. While he has been a civil engineer for 34 years, his experience in astrology is for over five years and is a result of his undying passion for it. 

He pursued a Basic Astrology course in 2015 at the Siva Astrological Bureau, followed by specialization courses in Chandra Nadi Jyothisham Viththagan and Jama Graha Aruda Prashna in 2017 at the GK Astro Foundation. He is also well-versed in Brigu Chakra Paddathi from Saptarishis Astrology in Mumbai. 

With hundreds of satisfied clients all over the globe, Selva Ganesh practises various astrological methods for divining your future: 

  • Traditional Parashara 
  • Bhrigu Nandi Nadi 
  • Jama Graha Aruda Prashna
  • Numerology
  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Karma Jyothish

Additionally, you can consult him for astrology lessons here on Spark.Live - as he specializes in teaching Vedic Astrology and Vaastu Shastra. In these classes, Selva Ganesh will empower you to calculate and study your own birth chart and even provide you with sophisticated software that astrologers use. 

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Profile image of Saravan Kr

Saravan Kr 04/01/2021

Mr. P.R.Selvaganesh is a excellent teacher who used powerpoint sessions with clear explanation on astrology concepts, rules along with his personal experience. His knowledge transfer and his sincere efforts to encourage the students to deepen their understandings are outstanding. I wish him to teach more courses in coming time and also he is prompt with timings which is a rare to found in my online courses these days. Thank you.

Profile image of Anil Sah

Anil Sah 04/01/2021

Its very good Session and very easy way to understand complicated things

Profile image of Gowrisankaran R

Gowrisankaran R 04/01/2021

Excellent. Looking forward more such sessions. Wonderful way of teaching various concepts in a lucid manner.

Profile image of P R Dayanandasagar

P R Dayanandasagar 04/01/2021

It is clear understanding session Heartful Thanks to Sri selvaganeshan sir

Profile image of Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar 27/11/2020

Many thanks to PR Selva Ganesh Sir for the counselling. It was indeed very scientific and helpful in decision making options & processes involved. May Almighty Bless you for the wonderful and prompt service that you are rendering. Regards 🙏

Profile image of Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao 19/11/2020

Sir has lot of knowledge and has explained in detailed manner

Profile image of Gowrisankaran R

Gowrisankaran R 31/12/2020

The way of teaching was excellent. He explains things in a logical manner in simple terms and ensures that the students understand the concepts very well. I feel I am fortunate to have Shri P.R.Selvaganesh as my Guru in astrology. I look forward more such classes from him on various facets of Astrology.

Profile image of Siva Subramanian

Siva Subramanian 30/12/2020

I am really exited to attend this session...Mr.Selva Ganesh is a great Astrology Guru....His content is great and uncomplicated.....After this session I am upgraded to the next level...

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