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Lavanya Thiyagarajan is a Customized Cake Designer and Home Baker with over five years of experience. She has taught many people the right and easy process of baking cakes. And now that she has joined Spark.Live, you can all become a baking expert yourself by sitting at home and attending a cake baking session with her online!

In addition to this, she frequently conducts seminars and workshops on BBQ cooking, ice-cream making, and non-baking desserts and pastries.

Testimonials (29)

Profile image of Katta Sravani

Katta Sravani 21/04/2021

Its a good class

Profile image of Anisha G

Anisha G 21/04/2021


Profile image of Kamali Balu

Kamali Balu 20/04/2021

it was an amazing experience

Profile image of 18Ubac036 Nandhini D

18Ubac036 Nandhini D 20/04/2021

It was wonderful experience.Instructor explained very well. Suggest to give some tips and tricks in between, some of her experience with dealing customers. Request to minimize the time for Q and A session as most of the questions where repetitive.

Profile image of Revathi S

Revathi S 20/04/2021

More of doubts clearing was very useful, where we do mistake while baking... Got more knowledge and Instructions how to do... Thanks Lavanya mam...

Profile image of Priya Agrawal

Priya Agrawal 20/04/2021

The class was so good ,every doubt is cleared now thank you sparklive for the workshop ❤️

Profile image of Ishika Vyas

Ishika Vyas 20/04/2021

I had only paid for the eggless recepie... so it's not very useful for me

Profile image of Yashwanthipalanivel

Yashwanthipalanivel 20/04/2021

I really learned a lot of stuff especially the measurement of flour, butter, sugar session was very useful

Profile image of Catharine Karoline

Catharine Karoline 20/04/2021

The class was really wonderful

Profile image of Pitambar Jha

Pitambar Jha 20/04/2021

She is quite experienced

Profile image of Navya

Navya 20/04/2021

Good session

Profile image of Rajalakshmi Annadurai

Rajalakshmi Annadurai 20/04/2021

It was an wonderful session nd clear cut explanation. Buked nd eagerly waiting for the next session.

Profile image of Anu Hari

Anu Hari 20/04/2021


Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 20/04/2021

Good one. Thank you

Profile image of Priyadharshini R

Priyadharshini R 20/04/2021

Got many tips & tricks for better baking.. Thanks Mam

Profile image of Deepika S

Deepika S 20/04/2021

Wonderful session..

Profile image of Viji Gokul

Viji Gokul 20/04/2021

It was a nice session Lavanya mam was so polite to answer all our queries. The only thing is quality of video was less if this is improved it would be the great session. Thank you lavanya mam for making session useful.

Profile image of Shravani Garrepalli

Shravani Garrepalli 20/04/2021

please clear my doubts

Profile image of Rajalakshmi Annadurai

Rajalakshmi Annadurai 29/04/2021

nice session wit very good explanation

Profile image of Priyadharshini R

Priyadharshini R 29/04/2021

It was great & she was polite in answering all our questions

Profile image of Renita Blessy. B

Renita Blessy. B 28/04/2021

Very Interactive Live session.

Profile image of Shravani Garrepalli

Shravani Garrepalli 28/04/2021

It's very good explanation...iam very very happy 😊😊😊

Profile image of Rathimeena Sengottuvel

Rathimeena Sengottuvel 28/04/2021

Very useful for me thank you sis

Profile image of Kamali Balu

Kamali Balu 28/04/2021


Profile image of Gunjan

Gunjan 03/05/2021

It was nice great experience also the chef explained it well

Profile image of Ushaswi

Ushaswi 03/05/2021

its was super and clear

Profile image of Amisha Jain

Amisha Jain 03/05/2021

It wad good can be little better

Profile image of Shejal Gaonkar

Shejal Gaonkar 03/05/2021

It was good.

Profile image of Dhruti N

Dhruti N 03/05/2021

It was a very fruitful session. Thank you

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