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Lavanya Thiyagarajan is a Customized Cake Designer and Home Baker with over five years of experience. She has taught many people the right and easy process of baking cakes. And now that she has joined Spark.Live, you can all become a baking expert yourself by sitting at home and attending a cake baking session with her online!

In addition to this, she frequently conducts seminars and workshops on BBQ cooking, ice-cream making, and non-baking desserts and pastries.

Testimonials (118)

Profile image of Katta Sravani

Katta Sravani 21/04/2021

Its a good class

Profile image of Anisha G

Anisha G 21/04/2021


Profile image of Kamali Balu

Kamali Balu 20/04/2021

it was an amazing experience

Profile image of 18Ubac036 Nandhini D

18Ubac036 Nandhini D 20/04/2021

It was wonderful experience.Instructor explained very well. Suggest to give some tips and tricks in between, some of her experience with dealing customers. Request to minimize the time for Q and A session as most of the questions where repetitive.

Profile image of Revathi S

Revathi S 20/04/2021

More of doubts clearing was very useful, where we do mistake while baking... Got more knowledge and Instructions how to do... Thanks Lavanya mam...

Profile image of Priya Agrawal

Priya Agrawal 20/04/2021

The class was so good ,every doubt is cleared now thank you sparklive for the workshop ❤️

Profile image of Ishika Vyas

Ishika Vyas 20/04/2021

I had only paid for the eggless recepie... so it's not very useful for me

Profile image of Yashwanthipalanivel

Yashwanthipalanivel 20/04/2021

I really learned a lot of stuff especially the measurement of flour, butter, sugar session was very useful

Profile image of Catharine Karoline

Catharine Karoline 20/04/2021

The class was really wonderful

Profile image of Pitambar Jha

Pitambar Jha 20/04/2021

She is quite experienced

Profile image of Navya

Navya 20/04/2021

Good session

Profile image of Rajalakshmi Annadurai

Rajalakshmi Annadurai 20/04/2021

It was an wonderful session nd clear cut explanation. Buked nd eagerly waiting for the next session.

Profile image of Anu Hari

Anu Hari 20/04/2021


Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 20/04/2021

Good one. Thank you

Profile image of Priyadharshini R

Priyadharshini R 20/04/2021

Got many tips & tricks for better baking.. Thanks Mam

Profile image of Deepika S

Deepika S 20/04/2021

Wonderful session..

Profile image of Viji Gokul

Viji Gokul 20/04/2021

It was a nice session Lavanya mam was so polite to answer all our queries. The only thing is quality of video was less if this is improved it would be the great session. Thank you lavanya mam for making session useful.

Profile image of Shravani Garrepalli

Shravani Garrepalli 20/04/2021

please clear my doubts

Profile image of Rajalakshmi Annadurai

Rajalakshmi Annadurai 29/04/2021

nice session wit very good explanation

Profile image of Priyadharshini R

Priyadharshini R 29/04/2021

It was great & she was polite in answering all our questions

Profile image of Renita Blessy. B

Renita Blessy. B 28/04/2021

Very Interactive Live session.

Profile image of Shravani Garrepalli

Shravani Garrepalli 28/04/2021

It's very good explanation...iam very very happy 😊😊😊

Profile image of Rathimeena Sengottuvel

Rathimeena Sengottuvel 28/04/2021

Very useful for me thank you sis

Profile image of Kamali Balu

Kamali Balu 28/04/2021


Profile image of Poornima V

Poornima V 15/07/2021

It was nice

Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 06/07/2021

Good workshop 👍

Profile image of Gunjan

Gunjan 03/05/2021

It was nice great experience also the chef explained it well

Profile image of Ushaswi

Ushaswi 03/05/2021

its was super and clear

Profile image of Amisha Jain

Amisha Jain 03/05/2021

It wad good can be little better

Profile image of Shejal Gaonkar

Shejal Gaonkar 03/05/2021

It was good.

Profile image of Dhruti N

Dhruti N 03/05/2021

It was a very fruitful session. Thank you

Profile image of Mayuri

Mayuri 15/05/2021

more good tips

Profile image of Bina

Bina 15/05/2021

The class was good and Lavanya man patiently went through the details and queries of the the attendees. Overall good experience. Thank you for the class.

Profile image of Swati Balar

Swati Balar 15/05/2021

The recipe should have been mailed earlier. It would be more clear.

Profile image of Anamika Jeenu

Anamika Jeenu 14/05/2021

Nice session

Profile image of Meenakshi Bhalla

Meenakshi Bhalla 14/05/2021

The session was interactive.

Profile image of Bhavna Sheth

Bhavna Sheth 14/05/2021

Very nice class.

Profile image of Shivani Patil

Shivani Patil 14/05/2021

A good learning experience.Taught all the things very well.

Profile image of Ashwini Jerakal

Ashwini Jerakal 29/05/2021

I couldn't join workshop on time due to some problem

Profile image of Rohit Arora

Rohit Arora 28/05/2021

Liked the way of presenting and explaining the methods.

Profile image of Meryl Vas

Meryl Vas 28/05/2021

Was a bit disappointed as the post said that we would be taught to make a variety of sauces(toppings) . Also was very much looking forward to either beef or chicken patties. A small suggestion would be to mention all crucial details in the description of the post.

Profile image of Vidya S Banad

Vidya S Banad 28/05/2021

It was a very informative class.

Profile image of Reshma Antony

Reshma Antony 28/05/2021

It was good and informative

Profile image of Tanvi Topale

Tanvi Topale 28/05/2021

Exciting and awsome session

Profile image of Jasmine Pandit

Jasmine Pandit 28/05/2021

An amazing session! All doubts were cleared. Minute details were given. Wonderful teacher Miss Lavanya

Profile image of Vikant Solanki

Vikant Solanki 28/05/2021

Great experience

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 28/05/2021

Baking buns & breads has always been my passion. Had a great time attending this session. It's my very 1st bun baking course.

Profile image of Susan

Susan 11/06/2021

I couldn't attend live class can you please help me to find recording class

Profile image of Thara

Thara 10/06/2021

It was an interactive session and very useful too. Chef shared many tips and tricks to make successful doughnuts at the house. Even after the class is over, and she is responding to all my doubts still.

Profile image of Swati Tayal

Swati Tayal 05/06/2021

Video was not clear as camera was not place at right place.....chef was lil unprofessional as she was too fast in explaining things

Profile image of Ruptrishna Borooah

Ruptrishna Borooah 05/06/2021


Profile image of Sharon Steffy

Sharon Steffy 04/06/2021

It'd overall good

Profile image of Bilkish Kukkad

Bilkish Kukkad 04/06/2021

It was awesome

Profile image of Paromita Das

Paromita Das 04/06/2021

Ma'am has explained very well. But I am yet to get the PDF and Recorded video

Profile image of Alka Aulakh

Alka Aulakh 04/06/2021

The class was was my first class on spark live and looking forward for more classes

Profile image of Puja Jaiswal

Puja Jaiswal 04/06/2021

Class was good

Profile image of Akmal Hasan

Akmal Hasan 04/06/2021

It was a good experience but the camera angle was not set right. Otherwise it was good.

Profile image of Raghav Chadha

Raghav Chadha 04/06/2021


Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 04/06/2021

Amazing session thank you team 😊 for the workshop.

Profile image of Bhargavi Parab

Bhargavi Parab 04/06/2021

The teaching was great and very detailed . But as mentioned in the details regarding the course was that I'll be receiving the video pf the course and also I'll be added to the group but nothing such has been done And also I didn't even receive the certificate

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 04/06/2021

It was a great session. Except for some disturbance in between.

Profile image of Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma 04/06/2021

Spark (Dhanushya) should have been there the entire time to oversee the event. Absolutely mismanaged especially towards the end when participants were left wondering whether or not to leave because spark and chef, both left and we didn't know whether it has ended or not. totally unprofessional. Even the camera angle was so terrible that we had to keep typing in chat box to move the camera as we couldnt see anything that she was doing.... we couldnt unmute ourselves and by the time she read the chat box, she had finished doing it and we missed it. The disappointment is with Spark team for NOT being there the entire event! shows how inexperienced and unprofessional you are. but please learn from this and get better! call me if you need to speak. (Pooja Sharma)

Profile image of T.Alice Celina

T.Alice Celina 18/07/2021

Very well performance

Profile image of Suguna Venkatesan

Suguna Venkatesan 15/07/2021

Very worst never attended any class also not able to view any recording total waste

Profile image of Celina Pereira

Celina Pereira 06/07/2021

Very helpful and informative session

Profile image of Soumya Devaiah

Soumya Devaiah 06/07/2021

Ms. Lavanya did a good job. Got to know a lot about baking.

Profile image of Sheryl Dias

Sheryl Dias 06/07/2021

It was great

Profile image of Kirti

Kirti 06/07/2021

It's very good

Profile image of Rekha Parmar

Rekha Parmar 06/07/2021

Was good all the small doubts wer cleared and loved her patience how she answered everyone...

Profile image of Shyamal Jagtap

Shyamal Jagtap 06/07/2021


Profile image of Jetal Garasia

Jetal Garasia 05/07/2021


Profile image of Dr. Rachana Mehta

Dr. Rachana Mehta 05/07/2021

It's a good experience

Profile image of Divya Peri

Divya Peri 05/07/2021

I can't see the recorded videos of the class

Profile image of Ranjana Garg

Ranjana Garg 04/07/2021

Very bad experience not even a day my question was answered.. Many problems were there

Profile image of Smitha Alexander

Smitha Alexander 04/07/2021

Nice session

Profile image of Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma 03/07/2021

Please refund my money

Profile image of Minie Sreekanth

Minie Sreekanth 02/07/2021

The class was very clear and taught with utmost patience. Very useful and informative

Profile image of Esha Haldar

Esha Haldar 02/07/2021

It was a great experience learning with Lavanya Mam

Profile image of Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain 01/07/2021

It was a really bad experience I didn't even able to attend the session such a waste of money

Profile image of Riya Dey

Riya Dey 01/07/2021

I'm not satisfied that class because maximum class video not showing the angel she put on wrong side..

Profile image of Shupreeti Chakraborthy

Shupreeti Chakraborthy 01/07/2021

It was great experience with session and her patients hats off...

Profile image of Kamna Bagai

Kamna Bagai 01/07/2021

It was good.

Profile image of Pallavi Bhavsar

Pallavi Bhavsar 01/07/2021

It was good

Profile image of Saira Banu

Saira Banu 01/07/2021

H nsbhs

Profile image of Mahalakshmi Sridhar

Mahalakshmi Sridhar 01/07/2021

It was good. The q n a session were a big bore. Repeated questions.wasting others time. Learn n leave.lavanya was very clear. Doubt filled people have to stay back.. You can put it at the end 11.30 to 12.30 q n a session. We will log out. If you put things in place we can continue to take classes of spark live

Profile image of Alisha Lopes

Alisha Lopes 01/07/2021

Ma'am seems to be experienced in the field of baking but the presentation could have been better.Sound and video should be made the priority.

Profile image of Zeeba Akhtari

Zeeba Akhtari 01/07/2021

My experience with Lavanya Ma'am was Incredible! It was my first ever baking class and I'm glad I learnt from her. The sessions were very informative and knowledgeable..Ma'am was very patient and answered all our questions and cleared our doubts too. It was a great experience! Looking forward to join her other classes as well!😁👍🏼

Profile image of Sutha B

Sutha B 01/07/2021

I have learned a lot things..thanks mam

Profile image of Aditi Jennifer Minj

Aditi Jennifer Minj 01/07/2021

Worst experience they will make promise of sharing live recording but didn't shared They are sharing live recording without any link in the whatsapp group After asking also they don't reply Very bad experience I wasted my money through sparklive scam

Profile image of Paromita Das

Paromita Das 01/07/2021

Very well explained. Though l could not attend on 29th. Please send me the video of the classes as early as possible. Thanks.

Profile image of Rathinakumari

Rathinakumari 30/06/2021

Very good

Profile image of Payal Jhurani

Payal Jhurani 30/06/2021

Lavanya was very patient and helpful she cleared the doubts of people in numerous tyms. Good session

Profile image of Sheryl

Sheryl 30/06/2021

Good learning. She is a good baker but not a good teacher. She was speaking very very fast. Didn’t understand some concepts. Mike was very far from her. Voice quality was not good. There was lot of noise of utensils, fan, mixer, etc. these things are important when teaching. We are paying its not like government school. I won’t go for master class as it will be waste of money.

Profile image of Leepakchhi Dixit

Leepakchhi Dixit 30/06/2021

Overall its good experience

Profile image of Simran Singh

Simran Singh 30/06/2021

Worst experience

Profile image of Kajla Ranjan

Kajla Ranjan 30/06/2021

What was promised was delivered very well... quite a lot of information was provided

Profile image of Ancy Mathew

Ancy Mathew 30/06/2021


Profile image of Vanithekogilam Sridaran

Vanithekogilam Sridaran 30/06/2021

Very nice sessions taken by Lavanya Mam Very much impressed

Profile image of Stuti Agarwal

Stuti Agarwal 30/06/2021

Hii will not able to attend the class due to some medical issues..... How i can get recorded

Profile image of Kottam Sreeya

Kottam Sreeya 30/06/2021

Was really upset, didn't get proper class at all qas not at all satisfied

Profile image of Shreya A S

Shreya A S 30/06/2021

The session went on very well !! I loved it….grt guidance from mrs laavanyas side….very happy with the service offered by spark….

Profile image of Shweta Jhaveri

Shweta Jhaveri 30/06/2021

Was k as it would have been easier if she would have sent detailed receipe and lot of time was spent on repeated questions Which should have been more organised

Profile image of Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi 30/06/2021

Session was great. Ms.Lavanya is really too patient to answer most of the doubts. The way she taught is good enough to understand

Profile image of Umme Kulsum Ahmed

Umme Kulsum Ahmed 30/06/2021

It was a good session, would have been perfect if there was more coordination and organization during the question and answers time and also would be really helpful if the teacher has someone to help her with the camera and good lighting

Profile image of T.Valarmathi

T.Valarmathi 30/06/2021

Not cover all recipes i felt its a theoritical class

Profile image of Divya R

Divya R 30/06/2021

There was no coordination, couldn't asks doubts or there was no proper interaction

Profile image of Megha T

Megha T 30/06/2021

It is a good learning class thank you so much

Profile image of Lokanatha Raju

Lokanatha Raju 30/06/2021

Yeah my experience was nice as I was doing with mam it was bit faster but it's k 🐱 and I did not learn how to do icing tube in Butter paper 🗞️ and I learnt super recipe tq lavanya mam and I want to try ur tasty food once

Profile image of Vaishali Sawant

Vaishali Sawant 30/06/2021


Profile image of Saranya

Saranya 30/06/2021

My money is waste

Profile image of J. Farzana Begum

J. Farzana Begum 30/06/2021

Good but she teaching fastly

Profile image of Miss Rupinder Virk

Miss Rupinder Virk 30/06/2021

It was a wonderful session of cup cakes, cookies & brownies. Very well explained in detail every minute measurement & in combination. Enjoyed the class thoroughly. Thanking you.

Profile image of Sooraj Ravindran

Sooraj Ravindran 30/06/2021

She was awesome with her explanation and cleared all my doubts in chat. She did well and my wishes for her. Hope join more of her sessions soon. Thanks Spark team for bringing her.

Profile image of Keerthi

Keerthi 30/06/2021

It was so detail explanatio ... From scrap u have made everything n it was so easy for understanding for beginners like me was a great session 😘😘.. thank u so much ma'am 🙏🙏

Profile image of Alamelu Kiruthika

Alamelu Kiruthika 28/06/2021

Did not receive pdf

Profile image of Sparsha K.M

Sparsha K.M 28/07/2021

Thank you good session

Profile image of Anamika Jeenu

Anamika Jeenu 28/07/2021

Nice session

Profile image of Neerja Prakash

Neerja Prakash 26/07/2021

How can I tell about my experience when I have not attended the workshop as the date was changed from

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