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Jyothi is a registered and certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, and specializes in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. She has completed her Vidwath in Bharathanatyam (Pandanalur style). 

Having done her BBM and MCom, she pursued her passion for yoga and Bharatnatyam and taught both these forms in various schools in south Karnataka. Her practice of yoga motivated her to learn from different teachers, and study advanced asanas and meditations styles. 

For the past six years, Jyothi has been teaching yoga in private classes and government schools. Along with yoga, she also holds certifications in Pranic Healing - Level 1, Advanced Level, and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul and Arhatic Yoga.

Testimonials (7)

Profile image of Poornima Menon

Poornima Menon 16/12/2020

I was paranoid to try Yoga because of my weight but Jyoti was so supportive and made me realize that you don't have to have six-packs inorder to excel at Yoga. The main objective is to love the process and enjoy it. The entire journey was a spiritual awakening. Thanks Jyoti!!!

Profile image of Tapendu Banerjee

Tapendu Banerjee 16/12/2020

I was not aware that Yoga could be so much fun. Jyothi is a chill person to learn from and is kind enough to help with your posture and movement. Great Help.

Profile image of Swagatika

Swagatika 31/08/2020

Jyothi's class is just what I needed. I love how creative her classes are. Every class she come up with new asana. She give just the right amount of challenge, just the right amount of support, just the right amount of inspiration, and just the right amount of comfort.

Profile image of Narayan Das

Narayan Das 16/12/2020

The best teaching method of Yoga thank you for the training classes

Profile image of Richa Agarwal

Richa Agarwal 16/12/2020

well organized and beautifully presented with high clarity. Jyothi M C deserves admiration.

Profile image of Shruti Nanda

Shruti Nanda 31/08/2020

It was a really good experience with Jyothi. I always used to think yoga is very difficult, but Jyothi mad it easy for me. She understands the flexibility level of trainee and trains accordingly. Initially it was tough, but gradually it became better. Mind and body both are relaxed. Jyothi is very punctual in everything that happens in the session. "

Profile image of Sunandan Sen

Sunandan Sen 31/08/2020

Jyothi has great respect for yoga, for the people that attend classes is unmatched. She comes across to be extremely aware of the mind- body connection. There are a few fixed yoga asanas the basics that are done regularly and apart from that Jyothi brings in a lot of varieties. At the end of each session, you really feel light and you get the desire to do more and attain the specific goals.

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