John Pradeep J.L.

India's First Theatre-Based Life Coach for Parents and Kids


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John Pradeep J.L. is India's first theatre-based life coach with over a decade of experience in working with children, teenagers, and parents. 

One of the most engaging keynote speakers in India, John strives to become a top motivational speaker. 

Till date, John has trained over 10,000 children and adults on how to find their passion, emotional skills, social skills, and leadership abilities. He utilizes theatre methodologies such as puppetry, clowning, miming, plays, and shadow theatre to reach through and coach people of all ages. This helps make the curriculum fun and engaging for everyone. 

He is an active member of Passion Pay International (USA), the World Clown Association (USA), and Schoolopreneur India. Due to this fun story-telling method of engaging students and young children, John is often invited as a guest speaker at schools and student gatherings. 

Because coaching is his core strength, John is the Academic Dean of Evam's Happy Crow, a theatre-based education movement for children functioning across South India. He is also a Senior Corporate Trainer at Sideways Training, India's foremost art-based behavioral training company. 

John has a simple philosophy: 'enabling parents to coach their own children is the most effective way of coaching children.' 

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