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About Harsh Goela: 

An expert in Economics, Fundamental Analysis, and Behavioral Economics, Harsh Goela has over eight years of practical experience in stock markets. He is a Stock Market Investor, Broker, Author, YouTuber, TEDx Speaker, and the co-founder of the Goela School of Finance.

Growing up in a family where stock market news was commonplace, he knew from a young age that he wanted to go into finance. While pursuing his graduation, and subsequently his MBA, he read every finance book he could get his hands on. 

Understanding that formal studies would not be enough and that he would need to supplement his bookish knowledge with practical experience, Harsh started working at the Central Bank of India. This experience provided him with in-depth, real-time knowledge of the financial world, including financial markets. It also helped him understand that the average Indian citizen is wary of the stock market. 

With a desire to change this perception and create awareness in Indian investors and citizens, he co-founded the Goela School of Finance in 2014 with his brother, Aditya Goela.

Since then, GSF has conducted seminars with the BSE (formerly, Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National Stock Exchange). They have also conducted workshops and informative sessions with eminent educational institutions, such as IIT Delhi, the National Institute of Technology (NIIT), the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), and many more! 

Along with being a financial expert, Harsh is also a noted motivational speaker and was one of the Top Eight Motivational Speakers in India by the age of 21. He is also a TEDx speaker, has appeared on JoshTalks, and has co-authored an e-book with Aditya titled, 'Stock Market - A Disaster Waiting to Happen.'

About Aditya Goela: 

Aditya Goela is an expert in Technical Analysis, Statistics, and Money Management. As the youngest CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) in India (age 24), Aditya is also a keynote speaker at the Delhi School of Economics and has appeared with his brother on JoshTalks frequently. With over seven years of experience in Technical Analysis and Stock Markets, Aditya is the co-founder of the Goela School of Finance. 

He combines his technical expertise align with Harsh's fundamental research approach to provide a cohesive and holistic approach to stock market investing. This is extremely helpful for not only the informed investor but also for the skeptical and naïve. 

Aditya is very cognizant of the importance of timing when it comes to investing and considers it the most critical skill for any successful investor. Due to this, he has carried out his formal and practical education in stock market trends throughout his graduation and post-graduation. 

As a specialist in the derivatives market, he has developed a keen interest in the Indian Derivatives Market since its inception in 2000 and firmly believes in its capacity to help grow the Indian economy. This is now a key part of the Goela School of Finance course creation. 

Additionally, Aditya is in charge of income generation in stock markets through short-term trades and derivatives, while managing and advising several portfolios. He has co-authored an e-book with his brother, Harsh Goela, titled 'Stock Market - A Disaster Waiting to Happen.'

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