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Gautham Azad is a numerologist for the stars. With an early fascination for numbers, he added the 'h' in his first name - and has since enjoyed a flood of success and fame that has come his way. 

His engineering background gives him a scientific point of view when it comes to numerology. This unique perspective allows him to see beyond distractions, right into the core of the matter. It also allows him to make incredibly accurate predictions for individuals and groups. 

He started his company NummeroBay in 2014 to help people all over the world realize the power of their destiny through numbers. He is single-handedly responsible for changing numerous people's lives by suggesting name-spelling changes. 

Due to his success and accuracy, he has been invited by many companies to create brand names, logos, and even change brand colors. Furthermore, his talents can help predict social, political, and sports outcomes as well. 

For instance, he accurately predicted that: 

  • B.S. Yediyurappa would become the 24th Chief Minister of Karnataka in 2018
  • Sachin Tendulkar's 100th century 
  • Raghubar Das becoming the 6th Chief Minister of Jharkhand 
  • Jayalalithaa coming back into power in 2016 after the media had written her off 
  • Successfully predicted the IPL winner (3 times) 
  • Predicted France would take home the Football World Cup in 2018 

Due to this, Gautham is the trusted advisor and numerologist for many industrialists, business tycoons, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses alike.

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